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You want your online dating experience to be successful. You're sure to find a match made in heaven because Silverflirt has young at heart, older members to meet. It's easy to narrow down your search too, so you can find the right partner first time.

Tip 1. Submit a good photo. A close-up is better that a distant image. Make sure there is only you in the photo - unless it's a pet (which can be a good thing to pet lovers).

Tip 2. Write a good Profile. Be positive. Sell yourself. Don't dwell on your "faults". Make your profile short, concise, amusing and readable. Make it as honest as you can. Be clear about what you are looking for in a relationship.

Tip 3. Go online regularly and find the time to respond to all your enquiries. No-one likes to be kept waiting, and if you are paying for membership make sure you use it wisely.

Tip 4. Be polite and be interesting too. Ask questions rather than talk about yourself.

Tip 5. Think about your safety. Remember the Internet is a public space and people can claim to be someone they are not. Don't divulge your personal details such as your phone number, email address or where you live. Never send anyone money. If someone asks for money, no matter how nice they seem, don't do it. If in doubt ask us to advise you.

Tip 6. Arrange for your first date to be in a public place, and tell a friend you are out on a first date. You can always ask them to phone you, so that if your date is not going well you have an excuse to leave.


Why join us?

  • Write an interesting and amusing profile
  • Post good close-up photos of yourself
  • Play Safe while you are dating online
  • Find out about someone before you meet
  • Always respond to messages promptly and politely
  • Log In every day to keep tabs on enquiries



Some simple rules for Online Dating

If you upgrade and pay for membership, use it wisely and often, so you get your moneys worth.

Be honest with people you make contact with. A real Date will be awkward if it's a bad start.

We work hard to keep scammers out, but you should never send anyone money - no matter how nice and genuine they seem.

Scammers can be convincing.

Silver Flirt is a member of ONLINE DATING PROTECTOR. See details in SECURITY below.

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